Dominic Valerio is finding out quickly that he is in trouble. Retired from the illegal drug trade for over 6 years, he has become a victim of a failed economy and minimal education. Everything he worked so hard for is about to dissolve into nothing. Although his wife Jules harshly objects, Dominic is determined to start his drug business again. He finds when he returns from retirement, the drug game has changed, and he soon finds out he is going down some unchartered territory.

Dominic, who was always a coke and pot dealer, finds out that meth is now the drug of choice. A one-time use gets Dominic highly addicted, and his life spirals downward fast. Regardless of how Jules feels, Dominic goes through with the plan with tragic results. Caught between love and the will to live a clean life, Jules struggles to survive as their lives crumble.

Joseph P. Bovenzi Jr.
An American Doper

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